Multiple Readers..

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Multiple Readers..

Postby littlesun1990 » Tue May 22, 2012 4:25 pm

I am try to detect multiple readers that connected to my laptop with a single button.

I have try use the phidget manager but its still display only ONE reader serial number in the listbox that i provided.

Is there any solution for this ? Please help me. I am a new here.

What i am trying to do is. With 2 readers.

Reader A.
Reader B.

When i scan the tag on reader A, I manage to get the tag number and reader A serial number as well. I scan tag on reader B and get reader B serial number.

But i couldn't manage to do is. I plug in two reader to my laptop. I manual open two reader with the phidget control panel. I scan a tag to reader A. I get reader A serial number. Then i scan reader B but i still get reader A serial number.

Please help me out. I am trying to fix this problem for so long time for my implementation in my Final Year Project.

Sincerely thanks you.

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