Removal of Gearhead from NEMA17 stepper motor assemblies

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Removal of Gearhead from NEMA17 stepper motor assemblies

Postby JohnAnderson » Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:05 am

Hi support,

I am interested in your range of geared stepper motors ( ... _id=3317_1). However, I am currently using an Adafruit motorshield + Arduino and the maximum current supply for driving steppers is around 0.6Amps. As a result I am currently driving NEMA17 12V motors with reasonable resistance on the windings. Your motors with lower winding resistance are likely to try draw much larger currents as there is no current limiting feature on the Adafruit Motorshield. Would it be possible for me to transfer the gearheads from your motors to my own higher voltage NEMA17s that have the standard flange plate?

I notice that version 1 of the motor assemblies that you supply appears to have a conventional square plate for mounting the gearhead. However, in the UK the phidget supplier stock version 0 ( ... epper.html). This does not appear to mount using a plate design. Is it relatviely straightforward the remount either of these gear heads on a standard NEMA17 motor body?

Thanks for any help with this query.

Best wishes,


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Re: Removal of Gearhead from NEMA17 stepper motor assemblies

Postby mparadis » Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:20 pm

This gearbox and motor were designed specifically to be used together. If you were to remove the gearbox on either revision of these motors, you'd find that the actual shaft of the motor has been machined into the central planetary gear of the gearbox. The only way you could use this gearbox on another motor is if that motor had a gear shaft of the precise size and ratio required by the gearbox.

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