Phidgets project with Android platform: help needed

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Phidgets project with Android platform: help needed

Postby hihhuli » Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:23 am

Hi! I have been assigned to do a Phidgets project using Android platform and I have no previous experience with Phidgets, so I need help in choosing suitable hardware for my purposes.

In my project, there is an application that takes inputs from different sources. The specification requires implementing of the following features:
1) A simple touch-based sensor on the front door of a house and a long range RFID reader in the entry. A target will carry an RFID tag, for instance, on a piece of their jewellery, wristwatch or shoes. When the target passes by the reader and the front door is opened within two minutes, a program will notify that the target has gone out. The application will give signal "exited" or "entered" depending on the order, in which the RFID reader and the sensor registered the event.
2) A simple sensor that will be attached to a refridgerator to indicate that the target is getting something to eat. It was suggested that this could be either a simple touch sensor on the door or a voltage based sensor that measures the voltage of the lamp in the refridgerator.
3) A force/pressure-based sensor attached to a mailbox that will recognize, when the mail is pressing a detector and when it is not.
4) A sensor that can recognize if there is a person on a bed or not. A PIR-based motion sensor was suggested for this purpose.
5) An on-off relay that can be used to switch the whole system on and off when needed.

Which Phidget products would you recommend that could be easily programmed to carry out these tasks? The requirement is that they should be controllable either via USB or over the network, but I guess this is not a problem when working with Android platforms. Thanks for your help.

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