Looking for Servo/Step motor, and Relay controlled by MATLAB

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Looking for Servo/Step motor, and Relay controlled by MATLAB

Postby 15600181 » Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:02 am

Dear Phidgets' staffs,

I am looking for a step motor/ servo, which can be controlled by MATLAB. I am not an expert about programming, and my work is not related directly about programming, so I am looking for instant program/complement. My work is collecting data of each shaft’s angle by using MATLAB. For more information, the shaft will be attached with 200-500 grams of metal, and will be rotated by a servo/ step motor. I am sure that I can do GUI part for whole system, but not implement part.

1) Is it possible to find a step motor/ servo that will come with MATLAB source code? Could you please suggest me which one/ model is fit for my work?

2) I am also looking for a Relay Board controlled by MATLAB. I found “Phidget Relay Board Interface Kit 0/0/4 USB" that will come with MATLAB source code. However, I am not sure about the version of MATLAB that has been referred to (on the website). Can you confirm that codes can operate on MATLAB version R2010-R2011?

PS. I don’t seriously mind paying for a program VS, VC, VB or whatever program/ compiler, if it can just make sure that I can operate both the servo and the relay board by using MATLAB, please suggest me.

I am looking forward to your reply.
Thank you very much.

Curtin University, Western Australia, Australia

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