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Phidget 8/8/8 interface with resolver

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:07 am
by AdamVR
Good day ladies and gents

As this is my first post I hope I posted it in the right place, otherwise mods please do your thing.

I have a bit of a problem. I have a synchro resolver connected to an instrument used in a military flight simulator. The resolver uses a 5V AC power supply to output two signals, the one a sine wave and the other one a cosine wave. One complete phase of the wave is equal to one rotation of the resolver. The amplitudes of the signals are equivalent to the voltage outputs. I have wired a rectifier on each output to give the absolute voltage as an output on each channel.

The issue I am having is that I need to use the resolver as is in the instrument as it has already been built and geared, so using another type of actuator is out of the question. The resolver is used in a heading selector, indicating the heading to fly for the pilot in the cockpit. For every 360 degrees the resolver is turned, I need to get a directly proportional DC voltage output to the Phidgets Analog input.

Does anyone have any idea what I could do to get the required output from the circuit into the Phidget Interface?

Any input shall be very much appreciated, especially out of the box thinking, as I have cracked my head quite a bit trying to come up with a solution, so any help from the friendly people on the www will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

Re: Phidget 8/8/8 interface with resolver

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:44 am
by erik
Take a look at the 1135_0 Precision Voltage Sensor. Since this measures from -30 to 30V, your measurement range will only be a fraction of the output range. So while it will still be possible, you might just not have the accuracy. You won't need a rectifier since the 1135 can measure both positive and negative voltages. You can do some on-board modifications to change the measurement capabilities to +/-5V instead, and we can help you with that if you choose.