Need a lot of help! - Program to phidget 1067!

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Need a lot of help! - Program to phidget 1067!

Postby InSideYou » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:30 am

Hey, i bought the lovely (1067 phidget + 3307 NEMA-23 Bipolar 76mm Stepper)
Now need a code/software that gives me good 'remote' functions.

'Buttons' should make it possible to drive one way, another button to reverse.
Maybe some speed regulations to but no so neccessary yet.

Few questions:
- How many steps is one round?
- What is the best way to attach a gear to the motor, glue or welding or third?
- Best way to connect IR or BT WIFI and so on. Arduino/raspberry pie or another?

Hope you can help me would be a so great!!
Could be cool if it works with maybe.

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Re: Need a lot of help! - Program to phidget 1067!

Postby mparadis » Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:13 am

You can take a look at the API and sample code for your preferred language to write some simple code for your buttons.

The motor you have chosen has a 1.8° step angle and no gearbox, so each full step is 1.8°. The 1067 motor controller uses micro-stepping, which means each unit of position is actually a sixteenth step, or in the case of your motor, 0.1125°. So for a full rotation, 360°/0.1125° = 3200 sixteenth steps. So if your motor was at position zero, you'd want to set target position to 3200 in order to make it turn one complete rotation. If you add gears to the output of the motor, you'll need to factor the reduction ratio into your calculations.

For attaching gears to the output shaft of the motor, I would not recommend glue nor welding. Glue would have a high chance of failing over time due to mechanical stress, and welding would probably damage or weaken the parts you're using. Most gears and other accessories use one of two methods to attach to a motor shaft: Set screws or Press-fit. Set screws are tiny screws in the sides of the accessory that dig into the motor shaft when tightened. If your motor shaft has no flat portion, it is recommended that you file down a small section of the shaft so that the set screw won't slip (don't file too aggressively, though). Once in place, if it's meant to be a permanent attachment, you can use some superglue to keep the screws in place. For an example of a set screw attachment, see our shaft couplers. Press-fit is a simpler attachment method where the part is machined to fit on a shaft of very specific diameter and uses the flexibility of the metal to stay on from friction alone. This method is simpler, but if you expect forces to be pushing and pulling on the attachment, it may not be secure. If the gear you're planning on using has neither attachment method, you may want to look for a different gear to make it easier on yourself.

The only way currently to use Phidgets remotely is by using a Single Board Computer and a Wifi adapter. It's not feasible to use a small microcontroller like an Arduino or RasPi because they typically either don't run an operating system compatible with Phidgets, or they don't have a USB host controller.

At a glance, is it's own programming language, and we don't officially support it. Unless a user has written processing libraries for use with Phidgets, you'll have to look at using a different language.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Need a lot of help! - Program to phidget 1067!

Postby InSideYou » Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:50 am

Thanks ALOT!
Really really nice knowledge.
Some more questions i hope you can help me with.

What would you guys think will be the most easy solution?
Nice if program could:
- Make Buttons with x steps maybe even record x steps. (And save)
- Set maximum -/+ steps

In hardware what would be the best solution you think?
Getting a ADD-on to the arduino/RaspPi that goes to mini usb.
Or buying the expensive single computer?
-- Thanks over and out --

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