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Monitoring the changing mass of a draining bag of fluid

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:20 am
by James Coleman
Hello everyone, my name's James and I'm a final year product design student at the University of Brighton.

First off, apologies if this kind of question is posted all the time, or if this post is on the wrong board.

I have purchased a "3133_0 - Micro Load Cell (0-5kg) - CZL635" and the corresponding "1046_0 - PhidgetBridge 4-Input" and I have connected them successfully to my laptop.

I need to use the sensor to monitor the change in mass of a draining bag of fluid. Unfortunately I am not very well acquainted with any of the available programming languages, and I'm short on time. With the simplicity of the requirements, I was hoping that someone would have done this before, or they would be willing to create an app that could run on OSX to do this. The change in mass to be measured is very small, slightly more than 2 grams per minute. I don't mind if the results cannot be automatically plotted, I can copy the results into a spreadsheet by hand, but I would like a program to automatically log the mass every minute so that I have a record of the results.