WANTED: Good 8/8/8/ temp App...

Supporting 10.7 and up

WANTED: Good 8/8/8/ temp App...

Postby therealbradley » Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:58 pm

I Will pay for a Cocoa App that will e-mail the temp of sensors in F.

I am willining and able to negotioate for anyone who is able to provide a Mac based or Mac capable program (Java, Cocoa, etc. application that uses the 8/8/8 phidget to report temps F vis-a-vis e-mail (pop or other).

Not a lot of cash involved, but I have at least $50 paypal and am willing to discuss this with a paypal savvy coder.

I love automatic stuff, so e-mail me! I will entertain any suggestion or "worker."

bradleyalexander?me.com (replace "?" with the at symbol... @ ...)

Bid high!
PayPal transfer after screen video of successful e-mail!a

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