Finder not refreshing after upgrade to Mojave

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Finder not refreshing after upgrade to Mojave

Postby itnithand » Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:24 am

macOS 10.14.2 (Mojave)

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) - (16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD w/ ~45 GB available)

Ever since upgrading to Mojave, I've had issues with new and/or recently moved files and folders not showing up in Finder. The behavior is not consistent. It seems like it's more likely to occur when I have CPU intensive applications running (Matlab, etc), but it will still occur fairly often with no applications running and even after a fresh reboot. Some examples of the issues include...

*Drag a file to the trash. It doesn't show up in finder nor does the trashcan icon change on the dock and there is no option to empty trash in finder.

*Run matlab or python code that creates output files. Output files don't show up in finder.

*Select multiple files in Finder, Option + Click, select "New Folder with Selections". New folder appears, but all files still appear to be in the parent directory where they were before.

*Click and rename folder in Finder. Finder freezes for a second, then folder appears to revert back to old name.

In all cases, the issue might just resolve itself in a few seconds or last for a long time. Relaunching Finder usually fixes everything, but not always. The folders/files are always in the right place and perfectly accessible via the terminal, so it doesn't stop me from doing anything, and it seems like the issue is just with Finder and however it indexes new items. Just curious if anyone had heard of a fix. In googling the problem I've found many instances of people complaining that Mojave caused Finder to operate extremely slowly or crash, but I haven't experienced that. It's just as fast as always and behaves like always with respect to existing files.

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