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Products for USB Sensing and Control

Light Phidget Tutorial

LUX1000 - Light Phidget

by Phidgets Education


The Light Phidget is a light sensing Phidget. You can use this Phidget when you need to measure an amount of light. It is useful for creating automated systems that need to switch on in low-light conditions.

In this tutorial you will :

  • Connect your Phidget to your computer.
  • Learn about data collected from your Phidget.
  • Practice using your Phidget in a mini-project.

Hardware Setup

Parts Inventory

In order to connect your Light Phidget to your computer you will need the following:

Connect Device

Connect your LUX1000 to your VINT Hub using the Phidget cable and connect your VINT Hub to your computer with the USB Cable.

When all components are connected, open the Phidget Control Panel on your computer and find the Light Phidget entry.

We will now check that the Phidget is connected. Double-click on the Light Phidget entry.

Device Properties

Measurement Range

The Light Phidget uses both visible and infrared light to approximate the brightness seen by a human eye. It can measure light intensity as low as a starlight on a moonless night to direct sunlight.


Now that you have your LUX1000 connected and working, the next step is writing some code. Write a program in the language of your choice that outputs the illuminance of the room. Your code should have the following flow:


You have completed the LUX1000 - Light Phidget Tutorial. You are now ready to use your Phidget in a project.