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Phidgets Flappy Bird with Unity Software

Modify your flappy bird game to work with Phidgets!

by Phidgets Education


Flappy bird is a fun side-scrolling game where players control a bird and attempt to avoid objects to gain points. In this project, you will modify a game of Flappy Bird to incorporate the Getting Started Kit.


This project assumes you are familar with Processing and you have completed the following guides:


By the end of this tutorial, you should have a functioning Flappy Bird game implemented in Unity.

Parts Inventory


The setup is simple. Connect your Getting Started Kit to your computer.


Base Project

This project builds off of the Flappy Bird Tutorial by Unity Technologies. After you've worked through the tutorial and have Flappy Bird working, continue with the instructions below.

Modify Project

Import the Phidget libaries. If you forget how, go back to the Unity and Phidgets Tutorial.

You can recreate the jumping movement with one of the buttons from the Getting Started Kit.

To use the Getting Started Kit button you must first navigate to the Start method. This is where you can begin writing your Phidget code.

Open the Bird script and identify where mouse click events are used to add velocity to the bird. You will need to modify this section of the code to use button presses from your Getting Started Kit (See the next step).

Your Phidget code should have the following flow.

Remember to close your Phidget objects when the application is finished.

Next Steps

After getting your jumping working with the Getting Started Kit, try the following:

  • Make the game multiplayer. Add another Getting Started Kit for a second controller.
    • When using two VINT Hubs in the same program, make sure to set the Device Serial Number of your Phidget objects.
  • Use a different Phidget to control the bird. For example, the Thumbstick Phidget.


There are many more applications of the Get Started Kit and Phidgets. Have you created something from your Get Started Kit? We would love to hear about it at