Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

TPK-03 Immersion Probe K-type Thermocouple (-50 to +700°C)

ID: 3108_1

This K-Type thermocouple measures temperatures from -50°C to 800°C and connects to a Phidgets thermocouple board.


Replaced by the 3108_2 - Immersion Probe K-type Thermocouple

The 3108 - K-Type thermocouple can take continuous temperature readings between -50°C to +800°C with a ±0.75°C accuracy. The 3108 can also take a instant, single temperature reading between -100°C to +900°C.

It is mostly used to take the temperature of liquids and gels.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type Thermocouple
Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple Type K
Probe Type Immersion
Ambient Temperature Min -50 °C
Ambient Temperature Max 800 °C
Ambient Temperature Min (Momentary) -100 °C
Ambient Temperature Max (Momentary) 900 °C
Ambient Temperature Error Max ± 0.75 °C
Physical Properties
Connector Type Miniature Male Connector
Cable Length 0.7 m, extends to 1.7 m
Probe Diameter 3.2 mm
Cable Gauge 28 AWG
Insulation Material PE Plastic
Probe Material K/316 Stainless Steel
Handle Material Engineering Plastic
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 9025.19.00
American HTS Import Code 9025.19.80.85
Country of Origin TW (Taiwan)

The Thermocouple comes with a standard miniature male connector that can be removed to uncover the stripped wires when connecting it to one of the following Phidget temperature sensor:


On the 1051, connect the white thermocouple wire to (-) terminal block and the red wire to the + terminal block.

On the 1048, connect the white wire to G and the red wire to an input terminal block (numbered 0 to 3).

You could also connect the 3108 to a Phidget Temperature Sensor using a 3106 – Thermocouple Adapter.

For more information on thermocouples, visit the Thermocouple Primer.