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Optical Rotary Encoder ISC3004

ID: 3530_0

This encoder can measure rotation at speeds of up to 3000 RPM and plugs into a Phidgets Encoder Interface.


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This is a small ball bearing construction, rotary encoder without index that goes up to 3000 rpm.

The encoder comes with a 1 meter cable and 2 mounting screws.


This quadrature encoder can be read by an encoder interface. To attach the shaft of this encoder to a motor or some other device, you can use a shaft coupler. See the "Compatible Products" tab for details.

Product Specifications

Encoder Properties
Output Circuit Type Push-Pull (Single-Ended)
Controlled By Encoder Interface
Encoder Resolution 360 CPR
Encoder Speed Max 3000 RPM
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5 V DC
Output Frequency Max 80 kHz
Physical Properties
Shaft Diameter 4 mm
Shaft Maximum Axial Load 10 N
Shaft Maximum Radial Load 20 N
Operating Humidity Min 30 %RH
Operating Humidity Max (Non-condensing) 85 %RH
Operating Temperature Min -25 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C
IP Rating IP54
Weight 83 g

Encoder Interfaces

This quadrature encoder must be read by an encoder interface. These interfaces will interpret the two quadrature signals in order to determine the continuous position of the rotating part. The following interfaces are compatible with this encoder:

Product Encoder Interface
Image Part Number Price Number of Encoder Inputs Count Rate Max
1047_1 $100.00 4 1E+06 pulses/s
1057_2 $60.00 1 2E+06 pulses/s
1065_0 $80.00 1 500000 cycles/s
ENC1000_0 $15.00 1 400000 pulses/s

Shaft Couplers

If you need to connect the main shaft of this motor to the shaft of another device, you can use a shaft coupler:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Inner Diameter
3424_0 $7.50 4 mm
TRM4310_0 $2.25 4 mm
TRM4332_0 $3.00 4 mm

Encoder Cables


The easiest way to connect your encoder to a Phidgets encoder interface is to use a Phidgets encoder cable, cut it to the desired length and solder the encoder wires to the encoder cable as follows:

3530 - Encoder 3019 - Phidget encoder cable
Red Red
Black Black
White White
Green Brown

Alternatively, you could buy the male connector (Molex part 50-57-9405), and crimp it onto the end of the cable, if you have the appropriate tools.

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Cable Length Cable Gauge
3019_0 $5.00 500 mm 26 AWG

Have a look at our quadrature encoders:

Product Encoder Properties
Image Part Number Price Output Circuit Type Encoder Resolution Encoder Speed Max
3530_0 $50.00 Push-Pull (Single-Ended) 360 CPR 3000 RPM
3531_0 $25.00 Push-Pull (Single-Ended) 300 CPR 1500 RPM
3532_0 $85.00 Push-Pull (Single-Ended) 360 CPR 4500 RPM