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3901_0 - RFID Tag - ABS Key Fob Black - Discontinued

Product Features

A black ABS key fob RFID tag. Uses EM4102 protocol.

Replaced by the 3902_0 – ABS Key Fob Blue

Product Description

This is a sleek looking RFID key fob made from hard black plastic with a metal ring. The tag contains a unique ID that can be read by the 1023 – RFID reader at a distance of 8cm or less.

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Product Specifications

Tag Properties

Tag CharacteristicsPassive, Read-Only
Transmission Frequency125 kHz
Encoding MethodManchester
Message Length64 bit
Unique ID Length40 bit
Typical Read Distance
(with 1023 - PhidgetRFID)
80 mm

Physical Properties

Thickness5 mm
Length43 mm
Width23 mm
Weight16 g
IP RatingIP67