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1102_0 - IR Reflective Sensor 5mm - Discontinued

Product Features

With a range of 5mm, this IR proximity sensor can detect opaque objects and connects to an analog input.

Replaced by the 1146 - IR Reflective Sensor 1-4mm

Product Description

This sensor uses infrared technology to detect an object at 5mm by determining the difference between low reflective conditions (i.e. black) and high reflective conditions (i.e. white).

The 1102 sensor consists of an infrared emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor mounted side by side on a converging optical axis in a black plastic housing. The phototransistor responds to radiation from the emitting diode only when a reflective object passes within its field of view. The area of the optimum response approximates a circle 5mm in diameter.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties

Sensor TypeDistance (Infrared)
Sensor Output TypeRatiometric
Measurement Distance Min2.5 mm
Measurement Distance Max5 mm

Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min3 V DC
Supply Voltage Max5.3 V DC
Current Consumption Max15 mA
Output Impedance10 kΩ

Physical Properties

Weight5.8 g
Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max85 °C

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