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1063_1 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar 1-Motor - Discontinued

Product Features

Accurately control one bipolar stepper motor with this controller.

Replaced by the 1067 - PhidgetStepperBipolar HC.

Product Description

The 1063 – PhidgetStepper Bipolar 1-Motor allows you to control the position, velocity, and acceleration of one bipolar stepper motor.

The 1063 can be used in applications that require very precise positioning. Four digital inputs have been included on the board for reading limit switches or user input.

Although this product is discontinued, we have a small amount being made in order to help those customers who have integrated the 1063 into their retail products. If this is your situation, contact for ordering information.

Related Products

If you need a stepper controller that can handle larger motors, try the 1067 – PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC. With a higher current limit, higher maximum velocity and acceleration, surge protection and constant micro-stepping, the 1067 is a step up from the 1063.

If you need motors, we do carry a good selection of Bipolar stepper motors.

Recommended Power Supplies

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We do not carry enclosures for the 1063_1, because motor controllers are prone to overheating when kept in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time with no airflow.



warning Make sure the power supply is unplugged before attaching or removing wires from the terminal blocks. Failure to do so could cause permanent damage to the PhidgetStepper board.
Product Specifications

Controller Properties

API Object NameStepper
Motor TypeBipolar Stepper
Number of Motor Ports1
Motor Position Resolution116 Step (40-Bit Signed)
Position Max± 5.49756E+11 1/16 steps
Stepper Velocity Resolution8 1/16 steps/sec
Stepper Velocity Max32768 1/16 steps/sec
Stepper Acceleration Resolution4000 1/16 steps/sec²
Stepper Acceleration Min4000 1/16 steps/sec²
Stepper Acceleration Max1.02E+06 1/16 steps/sec²

Electrical Properties

Available Current per Coil Max1.5 A
Supply Voltage Min9 V DC
Supply Voltage Max30 V DC
Current Consumption Min32 mA
Current Consumption Max100 mA
USB SpeedFull Speed

Physical Properties

Power Jack Hole Diameter5.5 mm
Power Jack Pin Diameter2.1 mm
Power Jack PolarityCenter Positive
Recommended Wire Size (Power Terminal)12 - 24 AWG
Recommended Wire Size (Motor Terminal)12 - 24 AWG
Operating Temperature Min0 °C
Operating Temperature Max70 °C

Digital Inputs

Number of Digital Inputs4
Digital Input Update Rate125 samples/s
High Voltage Min (False)2.1 V DC
Low Voltage Max (True)800 mV DC
High Voltage Trigger Length Min16 ms
Low Voltage Trigger Length Min4 ms
Pull-up Resistance15 kΩ
Recommended Wire Size16 - 26 AWG

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