Products for USB Sensing and Control
1060_0 - PhidgetMotorControl LV - Discontinued

Product Features

Control up to two low current DC motors with this controller.

Replaced by the 1065 – PhidgetMotorControl 1-Motor

Product Description

The PhidgetMotorControl LV is a USB based controller that can control two low-voltage brushed DC motors independently for direction, velocity and acceleration.

Many variations of brushed DC motors exist: permanent magnet motors, electromagnet motors, coreless motors, linear motors... the PhidgetMotorController can be used with any of these, as well as other devices like small solenoids, incandescent light bulbs, and hydraulic or pneumatic devices like small pumps and valves.

The board includes overcurrent protection and four Digital Inputs that can be used to convey the state of devices such as push buttons, limit switches, relays, and logic levels.

Product Specifications

Characteristic Value
Output Controller Update Rate 30 updates/second
Response Time 30ms
Velocity Resolution 1.5%
Acceleration Resolution 0.11%
Acceleration Min 1.22 %DutyCycle/s
Acceleration Max 1245 %DutyCycle/s
PWM Frequency 2.5kHz
Minimum Power Supply Voltage 5VDC
Maximum Power Supply Voltage 12VDC
Continuous Motor Current 1.5A
Motor Overcurrent Trigger 1.5A
USB-Power Current Specification 100mA max
Device Quiesctent Current Consumption 20mA