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1056_0 - PhidgetSpatial 3/3/3 - Discontinued

Product Features

This spatial board has a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and compass and connects to your computer via USB.

Replaced by the 1044 - PhidgetSpatial 3/3/3 High Resolution.

What's changed with the 1044?

The 1044 - PhidgetSpatial 3/3/3 High Resolution functions very similarly to the 1056. It has the same dimensions and fits the same enclosure. The API functions and events are also the same.

The main difference is that some of the chips used to make the 1056 have gone obsolete and are no longer available. The 1044 features new accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass chips, as well as additional "backup" accelerometer and gyroscope chips that have a wider measurement range but lower accuracy. The result is a spatial with high accuracy within a certain range, and low accuracy beyond that range. For specific numbers, check the specification table on the 1044 - PhidgetSpatial 3/3/3 High Resolution product page.

You may also be interested in the 1042 - PhidgetSpatial 3/3/3 Basic; a simple spatial based on the 1044, but offered at a drastically reduced cost. It has the same measurement range, but doesn't have the extra resolution at lower measurement values that the 1044 has.

Product Description

The 1056 - PhidgetSpatial 3/3/3 measures static and dynamic acceleration in 3 axes, up to 5g.; it also measures magnetic field in 3-axes up to ±4 Gauss and finally measures angular rotation in 3 axes, up to ±400° per second.

With the 1056, you are getting a lot more than 3 sensor chips slapped on a board. The 1056 has been rigorously tested to ensure that the output data correlates to physical real life motion, instead of relying solely on sensor data sheets for device specifications. We also use precise voltage supply filtering to guarantee low noise and correct sensor operation.


The Compass is continuously calibrated for changes in sensitivity and offset. Errors introduced by magnetic fields and distortion of the earth's magnetic field may be compensated out by using our calibration program to calculate the correction factors to feed the device.

Each Gyroscope axis is calibrated at the factory for sensitivity to rotation and cross-axis mis-alignment.

Each accelerometer axis is calibrated at the factory for cross-axis misalignment, sensitivity to positive and negative acceleration, and offset.


Use the following program to correct for magnetic errors in your application:

It's also a good idea to read the Application Note before using the program


You can protect your board by purchasing the 3851 - Plastic Shell Enclosure for Spatials.


Product Specifications


Compass Resolution400 μG
Offset from North


Gyroscope Speed Max400°/s
Gyroscope Resolution0.02°/s
Gyroscope Drift4°/min


Acceleration Measurement Resolution228 μg
Acceleration Bandwidth110 Hz
Acceleration Measurement Max± 5 g
Axis 0 Noise Level (X-Axis)300 μg
Axis 1 Noise Level (Y-Axis)300 μg
Axis 2 Noise Level (Z-Axis)500 μg
Error Through Rotation2 mg


API Object NameSpatial
Current Consumption Max45 mA
Sampling Speed Min1 s/sample
Sampling Speed Max4 ms/sample
Sampling Speed Min (Webservice)1 s/sample
Sampling Speed Max (Webservice)16 ms/sample
Analog to Digital Converter Resolution16 bit
USB Voltage Min4.8 V DC
USB Voltage Max5.3 V DC
USB SpeedFull Speed
Operating Temperature Min0 °C
Operating Temperature Max70 °C

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