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TRM4018_0 - 25mm Precision Ground Rotary Shaft - 1500mm (no keyway)
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Product Features

  • Precision steel shaft for rotary power transmission
  • Chrome Plated
Product Description

This shaft is made of 1045 carbon steel, precision ground to exactly 25mm, and chrome plated. The production process is the same as linear shaft - except the shaft is not case hardened, allowing you to easily drill and machine the shaft. 25mm is one of the 'core' shaft diameters in our mechanical product line - in addition to 8mm, 12mm and 17mm. 25mm is ideal for heavy duty #40 chain systems. We also sell the 25mm shaft with a full length keyway.

  • TRM4003 - 25mm Precision Ground Rotary Shaft - 400mm w/ Keyway