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3700_0 - Fuses - 5/10/20/30A 32V
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Product Features

Fast acting automotive fuses. Assorted amperages.
Product Description

You can use these fuses to protect your system if you have high current power supplies or batteries. When semiconductors fail, they often become a short circuit, and will glow white-hot if the power supply is powerful enough. A properly sized fuse can interrupt the flow, preventing possible fire or damage to other components in the system.

If your system is using a good quality power supply like our 3022-3025 supplies, the power supply will limit the current at it's maximum, (2 Amps in this case) and a fuse is usually not necessary.

If your source of power is very high current, for example a 12 Volt / 10 Amp power supply, and a component fails, up to 120 watts of power can be concentrated on it. Many batteries can deliver hundreds, or even thousands of amps, and fuses are strongly recommended.

A good practice is to put one large fuse at the output of the power source, and smaller fuses at each device (Phidget). The fuses current ratings should be choosen to be slightly higher than the maximum current the device is expected to draw.

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Product Specifications

Fuse Properties

Agency ApprovalUL 248
Fuse TypeFast-Acting Automotive

Electrical Properties

Fuse Voltage Max32 V DC
Fuse Current Max (Orange)5 A
Fuse Current Max (Red)10 A
Fuse Current Max (Yellow)20 A
Fuse Current Max (Green)30 A

Physical Properties

Body MaterialPlastic Sulfone Polymer
Fuse MaterialTin-plated Zinc Alloy


You get 2x5A, 2x10A, 2x20A, and 2x30A fuses in a plastic bag

Fuses in a bag