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3607_0 - 5mm Four Chip Super Flux Blue (Bag of 5)
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Product Features

These are extra bright for applications where light matters.

Product Description

The 3607 LED is a square of brightness with four times the capacity of a regular LED and has a very wide light beam of 90°. Because of its brightness it is not recommended as an indicator light.

Product Specifications

Light Properties

Emitting ColorBlue
Dominant Wavelength467 nm
Luminous Intensity2.5 cd
Beam Angle90°

Electrical Properties

Forward Voltage Min3 V DC
Forward Voltage Max3.4 V DC
Forward Current80 mA

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You can control up to 64 LEDs with:

You can also connect your LEDs to any device with a Digital Output.


When connecting to a 1032, use the LED cable and connect the anode to the red wire and the cathode to the black wire.

When connecting to Digital Outputs, connect the anode to the Digital Output and the cathode to Ground.


Warning: When mixing Super Flux LEDs of different colors, check the connection diagram for each colour to insure that they are properly connected.

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Comes in an Antistatic pouch containing 5 LEDs