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3562_0 - Miniature Magnetic Contact Switch BR-2023
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Product Features

This magnetic switch can detect magnets within 12mm and connects to a digital input. Magnet included.
Product Description

The 3562 magnetic contact switch is very small and is designed for surface mounted installations.

The switch handles gaps of up to 12mm (1/2 inch) between the magnet and the switch. The switch will turn the digital input "on" when the magnet is within 12mm of the switch, and will turn "off" when the contact is broken by moving the magnet more than 13mm away.

Comes packaged with

  • 1 miniature magnet

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Product Specifications

Sensor Properties

Sensor TypeProximity (Magnetic)
Detecting Distance Max12 mm
Detection Hysteresis Max8 %
Sensor Output Switch TypeNormally Open

Physical Properties

Cable Length450 mm
Cable Gauge24 AWG

Electrical Properties

Switching Current Max500 mA
Switching Voltage Max (AC)100 V AC
Switching Voltage Max (DC)100 V DC