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1125_0 - Humidity/Temperature Sensor
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Product Features

This board combines an ambient temperature sensor and a humidity sensor and connects to two analog inputs.
Product Description

Measures Relative Humidity from 10% to 95% with a typical error of ±2%RH at 55% RH.

Measures Ambient Temperature in the range of -30°C to +80° C with a typical error of ±0.75°C in the 0°C to 80°C range.

The temperature sensor component is rated at -40°C to +100°C, but the other components on the board, the connector and the cable are rated at -30°C to +80°C. In a fast prototyping environment the temperature sensor board can be pushed to the ratings of the sensor component, but you should use the lower temperature ratings if you plan to use the 1125 in a commercial application.

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warning This sensor is intended for use in non-condensing environments. Allowing the sensor to come in direct contact with water vapor or condensation could damage the circuitry.

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Product Specifications

Sensor Properties

Sensor TypeTemperature/Humidity (Ambient)
Sensor Output TypeRatiometric

Temperature Sensor

Ambient Temperature Min-30 °C
Ambient Temperature Max80 °C
Ambient Temperature Resolution0.2 °C
Temperature Error Typical (At 25°C)± 0.5 °C
Ambient Temperature Error Max± 2 °C

Humidity Sensor

Humidity Min10 %RH
Humidity Max95 %RH
Humidity Resolution0.4 %RH
Humidity Error Typical± 3 %RH
Humidity Error Max± 5 %RH
Humidity Response Time Max10 s

Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min4.8 V DC
Supply Voltage Max5.3 V DC
Current Consumption Max3.9 mA
Output Impedance1 kΩ

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min-30 °C
Operating Temperature Max80 °C

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