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1106_0 - Force Sensor
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Product Features

This simple force sensor can be used as a button for human input or to sense the presence of a small object.
Product Description

The 1106 reads 0 when no force is applied. As force increases on the circular button the value increases towards 1000.

It is intended as a user input device (i.e. recognizing that someone is pushing a button).

The 1106 is not accurate enough to be used as a weight measurement device and is not designed to have force applied constantly over time.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties

Sensor TypeForce
Sensor Output TypeRatiometric
Force Min0 N
Force Max39.2 N

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Max500 μA
Output Impedance10 kΩ

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min10 °C
Operating Temperature Max40 °C
Lifespan100000 actuations

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