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1012_2 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/16/16
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Product Features

Use it to check the state of switches, push buttons, relays and/or to switch relays, solenoids, motors and even high power LEDs.
Digital Inputs

The Digital Inputs are activated by an external voltage source, triggering on a wide voltage range - 4 to 30VDC. They provide built-in filtering, to eliminate false triggering from electrical noise. They can be used to convey the state of on/off devices, such as push buttons, limit switches, relays.

Digital Outputs

The Open Collector Digital Outputs can be used to directly control substantial devices, switching up to 30VDC at up to 2 Amps. The Output acts as a switch to ground, so the circuit you're switching will need an external power supply. Each output is protected from transient voltages typical when switching inductive devices - relays, solenoids, motors. The Outputs can be used to directly control devices requiring substantial power such as incandescent lights, high power LEDs, relays, solenoids, motors.

Product Specifications


API Object NameInterfaceKit
USB Voltage Min4.6 V DC
USB Voltage Max5.5 V DC
Current Consumption Min14 mA
Current Consumption Max500 mA
Available External Current394 mA
Recommended Wire Size16 - 26 AWG
USB SpeedLow Speed
Operating Temperature Min0 °C
Operating Temperature Max70 °C

Digital Inputs

Number of Digital Inputs16
Digital Input Impedance10 kΩ
Low Voltage Max (False)900 mV DC
High Voltage Min (True)4.2 V DC
Low Voltage Trigger Length Min16 ms
High Voltage Trigger Length Min4 ms
Digital Input Voltage Max± 30 V DC
Digital Input Update Rate125 samples/s

Digital Outputs

Number of Open Collector Digital Outputs16
Series Resistance200 mΩ
Open Collector Voltage Max30 V DC
Digital Output Current Sinking Max(per channel) 2 A