Products for USB Sensing and Control

We believe in getting problems solved quickly and projects finished on time. That's why we specialize in making affordable, easy to use sensors and controllers that require minimal electronics knowledge. Just use the comprehensive API and code examples, which make it easy to get the parts working right away. There's no need for proprietary software, Phidgets work in many popular programming languages and on practically any operating system.

Plug in. Code. Solve the problem.



Phidgets offices will be closed on Monday, October 12, 2015. The website will be operational during that time and you will still be able to place orders. Orders placed after 12:00 noon on Friday, October 9 will ship on Tuesday instead of Monday.

New Thermocouple

Have a look at our new stainless steel thermocouple probe. This affordable thermocouple can be mounted to a panel or the wall of an enclosure using one of our new thermocouple mounting nuts .

• Windows-only release
- Fixed examples for Labview 8.5

• OS X-only release
(Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later)
- Added support for armv7s and arm64 to the iOS library.
- Dropped support for armv6.


Draw Wire Sensors

These new draw wire sensors act like a digital tape measure, providing a versatile way to track the motion of a part in your system. Available as a potentiometer or with an encoder output.

Raspberry Pi allows Phidgets to work in remote places where a user might not want to use a PC. Phidgets customers have been sharing their projects and we want to highlight some of them, from finger strength tests to home automation. Read on to find out how you can start your project.

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