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We believe in getting problems solved quickly and projects finished on time. That's why we specialize in making affordable, easy to use sensors and controllers that require minimal electronics knowledge. Just use the comprehensive API and code examples, which make it easy to get the parts working right away. There's no need for proprietary software, Phidgets work in many popular programming languages and on practically any operating system.

Plug in. Code. Solve the problem.

Christmas Holidays

Phidgets offices will be closed from Wednesday, December 24, 2014 to Friday, January 2, 2015 inclusive. The website will be operational during that time and you will still be able to place orders.

Randy has graciously offered to come to work on Wednesday, December 31 to ship all online orders that have been placed before 12:00 noon that day.

We will all be back to work on January 5, 2015.

A group of high school students used Phidgets to build a device that would dispense proper dosages of medications to patients prone to forgetting their medication. They succeeded in not only making the machine, but also securing first place in the Nanoline contest. Read about it here.

• Windows-only release
- Fixes to C# Stepper GUI Example

• CPhidget_getDeviceClass can now be called on handle before it is attached.
• Added support for 64-bit Max/MSP (Version 6.1+) on both OS X and Windows.


Every week, we’re going to look at some of the biggest news in sensors, and related fields, covering all areas from the DIY to the industrial and scientific. As the world becomes more connected, we’re surrounded by more and more sensing technology, so let’s look at how people are putting them to work.

Many Phidgets customers have come forward asking how to make their own analog sensor cables. Here are some easy instructions for putting together your own custom cable.

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