Products for USB Sensing and Control

Phidgets are a set of user friendly building blocks for low cost USB sensing and control from your PC.

Simply plug in the device and write a program with the help of our robust API. Applications can be developed quickly by programmers using their favorite language: Android Java, Applescript, C/C++, C#, Cocoa, Delphi, Flash AS3, Java, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Max/MSP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic Script, and Visual C/C++/Borland.NET.

Click on Programming if you want to look at Getting Started Guides or Code Samples.

Have a look at our new mounting brackets for stepper motors! Available in three sizes, they are also compatible with our DC motors that have planetary gearboxes.

It takes a truly special talent to single handedly turn an idea into a video that people will want to watch. From people who barely knew what they were doing, here are some lessons learned and tips for anyone getting started with video production.

• Deals with 1046 bug in v100 and v101 firmware:
- No longer reports bad values that appear right after a channel is enabled.
- Fixes issue where changing the gain while channel 0 is disabled would sometimes cause bad readings.

• Fixed a defect in the Flash examples for the 1012.


We now have a brand new lineup of stepper motors for sale. Each one has a rear shaft exposed that is compatible with the HKT22 Optical Encoder.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Shaun August from Eos Lightmedia to talk about some of their projects that use Phidgets. There are four amazing art instalments across Canada that Eos Lightmedia have worked on, and Shaun talks about them here.

Did you know...

... that beam couplers can be used to join shafts that are on exactly the same axis?